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Why PlantEye LED has no effect on plant performance

With the release of the PlantEye F600 we realized a significant increase in the light output of the flashing units to ensure color quality while scanning in direct sunlight, sodium pressure lamps or LED lighting.

The question arose whether the light sources of the PlantEye F600 have any effect on the performance of the plant. Excessive light can damage the photosynthetic machinery and thereby influence the overall plant performance.

To answer this question, we designed an experiment together with the Institute of Plant Science (IBG-2) of Forschungszentrum Jülich. During this experiment we continuously measured the operating efficiency of Photosystem II (Fq`/Fm`).

The experiment shows that PlantEye F600 scanning has only a marginal effect on photosystem II, with a fast recovery to the operating efficiency of Photosystem II. Read all about the experiment in the whitepaper.

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