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PlantEye REST API – integrate 3D & Multispec in any Phenotyping project

Posted on 14 April 2020 in by Stefan Schwartz
The past years I have been discussing many phenotyping projects. It became very clear to me that there is a need for "easy to integrate" sensors in phenotyping platforms. Either to keep existing platforms up to date with the latest technologies or to develop powerful new ones. In this blog I explain Why the market wants sensors which can be easily integrated How you gain full control of the PlantEye and its data Why we used the REST API industry standard to fulfill this need Need for easy phenotyping sensor integration We helped many clients implementing PlantEye in their own phenotyping projects. During these installations we talked to a lot of professionals who need plant measurements in all kinds of environments. From scientists and breeders developing phenotyping machines to engineers building harvesters or other production machines. The message they have is often the same: We need high ...
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