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BrAPI, Automate data transfer into your workflow

Posted on 26 April 2022 in by Martijn Houben
With the release of HortControl 3.8 we implemented an API allowing you to automate data transfer from HortControl (our data management software) to your workflow. You no longer have to download the data manually, nor do you have to manually upload it to analysis pipelines, machine learning models, or anything else. Automate data transfer from HortControl into any workflow e.g. your own R&D or monitoring pipeline created in R-studio, Python.. etc. Automate data transfer into third-party tools & software e.g. Data management tools or robotics interoperability between Phenospex data and other sources e.g. your genotype database APIs are widely known and used in all industries to standardize communication between tools or to safely open their data to other developers. This API lets you access all plant parameter data, experiment information, and 3D files. Why did we implement the BrAPI standard? We were looking for solutions ...
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