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NAPPN 2021 | Machine learning & Tools explained in the Company tour!

Posted on 22 March 2021 in , , , by Martijn Houben
NAPPN has the goal of  advancing  the field of Plant Phenotyping in North America and to date, they have done a really great job. At Phenospex, we share a common goal and as an industry partner we desire to support this endeavor as best as we can. At the NAPPN 2021 conference we were able to engage with the broad phenotyping community, learn from the talks & meetings and develop the (future) digital plant phenotyping scientists and experts. In this blog you can watch some of the content we produced for the conference. Company tour: Meet some of our employees and clients sharing the vision for which we strive Lightning talk: How to Translate Sensor Data into Answers for Plant Biologists by Ewaut Kissel 1. Company tour This unique tour gives you insights into a plant sensor developing company. Some of our employees share our vision for the future of plant phenotyping. In addition, Dr. ...
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