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Field Phenotyping for Vegetable Growth under high Heat and Flood Stress

Posted on 19 May 2020 in , , by Martijn Houben
In 2019 the World Vegetable Center in Tainan tested the growth of vegetables under high heat and flooding stress. This experiment can only be accomplished during the hot and wet summer also known as "Typhoon Season". Evaluating the plant health during this experiment without being stuck in the mud was impossible, let alone measuring plant biomass non-destructively. But in the summer of 2019 they succeeded with our field phenotyping solution FieldScan. We asked Dr. Roland Schafleitner to write a blog to share the story behind this challenging experiment.   Dr Roland Schafleitner World Vegetable Center, Tainan, Taiwan Typhoon Season Vegetable cultivation is very difficult during the summer in South-East Asia due to the hot temperatures and strong rains. In addition, summer is also Typhoon Season. Typhoon translates to “Supreme Winds” and is comparable to a hurricane or cyclone. Taiwan on average receives four to five typhoons a year, mostly between June and October. Now more than ever it is ...
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